Tanya Younce, M.Ed., LPCC


Testimonials New Leaf Counseling

"At a troubled time in my life with no healthy coping mechanisms I discovered Tanya. My journey to happiness and self discovery was finally underway. Today I stand proud making healthy choices as I learn to cherish life day by day." Clint
"My first visit with Tanya was like meeting my long lost best friend. She was so easy to get acquainted with and it was so easy to be open and honest with her. She is my rock, as she maintains neutrality yet provides guidance on how to view situations differently. She helps me manage life events and continue to stay positive. Tanya is authentic and professional. She has a memory of an elephant; she never writes anything down when you are there, yet remembers everything you say.

I wish I had had the courage to have started with Tanya earlier in my life, as she has become one of the most beneficial characters in my life's mini-series, for my overall well-being." Samantha
"I came to New Leaf Counseling to prepare for becoming an "empty nester" and I had many reservations. I was skeptical, thinking that a therapist would probably just nod and ask, 'How does that make you feel?' But after my first meeting with Tanya, I was immediately and pleasantly surprised! She provides a non-judgemental approach toward working on ME. She offers helpful suggestions that guide me toward my goal of gaining confidence and independence. Some of our conversations have included tears. But more often, our sessions are filled with laughter after thought provoking conversation. Above all, I ALWAYS feel that she is "tuned -in" to my needs. Tanya celebrates my accomplishments and helps me get through my disappointments.
Since beginning my journey of therapy, I have recommended Tanya to several others, and they too have been very pleased! For this reason, I will continue to sing her praises!"

Enjoying the journey, Empty Nester
"For once, in so long - the weight, or rather - pressure on my chest and shoulders has begun to lift. I see the world outside my own and it’s beautiful. Tanya - New Leaf Counseling has guided me to creating the foundation for a more fulfilled life. What I enjoy most, and am so proud of, is that it’s my foundation - Tanya guided and allowed me to create this universal perspective I would have never had in the past between anxiety attacks, unresolved insecurities and weight.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to gain more from life - my branches are reaching toward the sun and no longer hiding under the canopy. Thank you Tanya." Chelsea
“If it's free, it's advice; if you pay for it, its counseling; if you can use either one, it's a miracle” Jack Adams
"Every time I went to counseling and met with Tanya, I left feeling like I encountered another miracle. I left with a new understanding of my situation and more importantly, of myself. Even though it feels like talking to an old friend, one that you have known for years and told your innermost secrets to, you realize with each profound analogy, that she is a wise and true professional, extremely skilled in helping throughout one’s journey of self-discovery or in times of crisis. I personally don’t know where I would be today without Tanya’s guidance…she was, for me, a present sent from God and I’m thankful for her every day. As someone entering the same helping profession, I could only hope to be as wonderful and supportive to others as Tanya was to me." KB