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Couples Counseling

Are you lost and unhappy in your current relationship, trying to find a way to reconnect?
Do you think you need counseling, even if your partner isn’t interested?
Have you tried to make things work but are at your breaking point?
Are you considering leaving your marriage but need a nonjudgmental person to talk things through before making such a major decision?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a few months or several years, learning how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship can be very challenging, in our current culture.  I’ve helped couples deal with issues of emotional and physical affairs, addictions (drug/alcohol, pornography, gambling, etc), blended family disputes, and other challenges.

Through individual or couples counseling, I can help you identify the core conflicts in your relationship, then teach you more effective ways to communicate, to better express love to each other, and to renew your marriage by committing to and actively engaging in making the changes necessary to preserve your togetherness.

Or, if you honestly feel you are at the end of your rope and need someone to help support you through the difficult process of separation or divorce, I will stand beside you and encourage you to honor your Self enough to do what’s right.  My job isn’t necessarily to keep you both together, but to help decide what’s best for each of you.

From personal experience, I know how difficult divorce can be.  I left my first marriage of 14 years in 2008 and, after much introspection and self-discovery, I am now remarried to a man who complements me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I share parenting for my two children and we all make it work with love and respect.  I can help this work for other families as well.


This is an option for couples who feel like they’re in crisis and need immediate but short-term therapy.  For $600, you will receive an initial online marital assessment (provided through Prepare/Enrich), then five 1-hour therapy sessions that will target problem areas and develop individualized coping strategies that you can immediately put into action.  You will also have access to me via email, text, or telephone, if any questions or conflict arise in between sessions.  For most couples, it’s best to meet twice a week over a 3-week period, but this will depend on your schedule and availability.  Please contact me for more information about this at (513) 795-2562.

couples counseling

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