Tanya Younce, M.Ed., LPCC


Couples Counseling

Are you lost and unhappy in your current marriage or long-term relationship, longing to find a way to reconnect?

Has it become hard to solve problems together without getting into fights?

Did something happen that has significantly injured your relationship?

Learning how to develop and maintain a healthy marriage in today’s world can be very challenging. Too many things keep us from making our partnership a high enough priority to take good care of it. But human development doesn’t stop once we get married. Our relationships keep growing, evolving and even have growing pains at times.

I’ve helped many couples deal with issues like infidelity, empty nest syndrome, sexual dissatisfaction, family friction, and other challenges.

Through couples counseling, you’ll both first identify the key conflicts that keep your relationship from thriving. By learning more effective communication skills, you will then feel better understood and become a better listener. Couples counseling will also teach you new ways to express love and compassion for each other, key to building more emotional and physical intimacy.

Your relationship is precious and valuable – and should be treated as such. Even if you’re not in crisis, occasional marital “tune ups” are good for couples to evaluate and update their connection, to keep it healthy and exciting.

couples counseling