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Finding your Way Through Change

In a world full of constant change, there are millions of people who put their energies into avoiding, fearing and resisting it. “I hate change,” is a phrase I hear quite a bit in my sessions. But I think that if people had more knowledge about what to kick into gear when change was inevitable, […]

Not My Job

These declarations are to remind us not be codependent in our relationships. This is not an act of selfishness. Rather, it’s an act of love to let others own their feelings, be responsible for themselves, and to keep healthy boundaries so that we don’t get sucked in and suffocate. I can choose to do nice things for you, but… It’s […]

Stopping the Self-Help Madness

With all of the advice from self-help books, podcasts, social media, magazines, and workshops, it’s no wonder that we’ve become a culture of women who feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and highly self-critical. Are you bewildered by how anyone could keep up with all of the hacks that tell you how you’re supposed to look, love, and […]

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