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Life as a Social Chameleon

Social chameleons are people who know how to quickly blend in to any other person or group by picking up on and then embodying their way of acting, speaking, and various other ways of, well…BEING. Like a beige-toned color, they can go with just about anything, unlike someone with a distinct color that can only […]

Rediscovering Your Dreams – Part III

Loving Sid Vicious I know. I left you waiting for the last part of the Rediscovering Your Dreams trilogy. It’s been months since I published the second part, and I could give you a lot of excuses for why this is late, but what happened was this. After figuring out my dreams and organizing all […]

Rediscovering Your Dreams – Part II

In the first part of this “Dream Trilogy,” I talked about how, as children, we allowed ourselves the freedom to openly use our imagination and create all kinds of worlds in which our minds and bodies were able to play. But somewhere in our development, the wide open space we had became more limited. As […]

Rediscovering Your Dreams – Part I

What did you play when you were a kid? What did you wish for, dream about, or see yourself having? As children, we have the innocence and lack of self consciousness to put no limit to our pretend lives. We might have put on various costumes to be superheroes, built entire neighborhoods with Legos, used […]

How to Develop Your True Voice

Being a poor decision-maker or having difficulty being clear about your own needs, interests or goals usually comes from being raised without being allowed to speak what was on your mind or express yourself fully. Or, if you were allowed, it was somehow criticized, marginalized, or disregarded (“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”). Been […]

Land Ho! Getting Through Life’s Transitions

Although change and transition are inevitable over the course of our lives, and the pace of life and these transitions seem to be avalanching upon our heads more and more, most people are grossly unprepared to cope with them.  But it’s not just the pace of change or our lack of preparation for it that […]

May I Help You?

When I went to college and became increasingly independent, I held a pretty firm belief that I was then supposed to be completely self-sufficient with all the responsibilities in my life.  By the time I graduated, I’d already lined up a job in downtown D.C., secured an apartment with some roommates, had my own car, […]

When You Feel Like You Suck at Life

Ever have one of those weeks or months when you feel like you just SUCK at something — like parenting, marriage, your job, finances, keeping yourself organized, staying fit, or just Life in general?   Yeah….I’ve been on a roll lately. Especially with parenting, as I have two teenagers who are in the midst of pulling […]

Six Ways To See Your Life With New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” –Proust If four different people witness a car accident, each on different corners of an intersection, and the police interview them all afterwards, they’re most likely going to get four different stories based on their vantage point.   Same accident […]

Your Majesty

Wayne Dyer, self-help author and motivational speaker, once said that there were two types of people in this world — ducks or eagles.  Ducks are content to sit on a pond and calmly paddle in the water, surrounded by other ducks, not really going very far.  Eagles, on the other hand, are meant to soar […]