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Six Ways To See Your Life With New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” –Proust If four different people witness a car accident, each on different corners of an intersection, and the police interview them all afterwards, they’re most likely going to get four different stories based on their vantage point.   Same accident […]

Wanna Be Happy? Then Work It!

I know it sounds oversimplified, but if you want to be happy and you’re not, then you need to make the effort to change.Period.No one’s going to do it for you and no one is going to come in with a magic wand and make things all better.  So, it’s up to YOU.  YOU are […]

Who’s in the Driver’s Seat of Your Life?

So are you a Danica Patrick or a Miss Daisy kind of person?  This is the topic I’d like to discuss today, not only because the Daytona 500 Race was this week, but because I believe many of us have gotten stuck in the rut of faulting  our crappy situations on outside sources — feeling […]

Tracing It Back to the Roots

I registered to be on the Psychology Today directory yesterday, wanting to solicit more clients for my practice, which has seemed to be dwindling (for all the office’s therapists) over the past few months.  In my profile, I was asked to provide a “personal statement”, which I found to be somewhat challenging.  How does a […]