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The Real Gift of Love

OK, so I finally read “The 5 Love Languages”, by Dr. Gary Chapman, this past week.  I must be one of, like, 4 relationship therapists in the world (it’s been translated into 38 other languages) who hadn’t read it yet, and I’ve been ashamed to admit it until now, but I can now join the […]

Marriage Maintenance

There’s a trend that I’m seeing in my practice that is worthy of, if not in need of further exploration:  people becoming disenchanted with their marriages, feeling stuck, wanting out, but trapped by the guilt of hurting the spouse, disrupting the family unit for their children (if there are any), facing the financial uncertainty, dealing […]

Recalibrating Your Barometer

I’ve always been pretty good at thinking of good analogies to explain some kind of psychological concept, and I came up with this one a couple weeks ago.  I was talking with my husband about his overreaction to minor frustrations, like not being able to find something, or finding out that something is broken.  And […]