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Life as a Social Chameleon

Social chameleons are people who know how to quickly blend in to any other person or group by picking up on and then embodying their way of acting, speaking, and various other ways of, well…BEING. Like a beige-toned color, they can go with just about anything, unlike someone with a distinct color that can only […]

It’s Not Your Fault

When we are children, we are very watchful.  We learn to think and behave in the ways that get our needs met.  Sometimes that means being seen and not heard, just to keep things calm in our family.  Other times it’s having to make a “scene” in order to get attention from anyone.  Or maybe […]

Healing Power of Connection

One of the best parts of being a counselor is developing a therapeutic relationship with each of my clients.  In our ever-growing technological culture, I see an almost ‘learned helplessness’ in knowing how to actually interact   genuinely face-to-face with family, friends, or even strangers.  We’ve cocooned ourselves and become so self-sufficient and have acquiesced to […]

Drawing Your Line in the Sand

“The most important distinction anyone can ever make in their life is between who they are as an individual and their connection with others.”    –Anne Linden A common issue that has been brought up in my therapy sessions with clients these past few weeks is the concept of building and maintaining appropriate boundaries in one’s […]

Where Do YOU Belong?

It starts when you’re in about 6th grade, right?  You start to become more keenly aware of just where it is we belong in our environment.  You recognize different groups and cliques — you get accepted by some and rejected by others, and when you do get that rejection, your feelings are deeply hurt and […]

Adding ‘People-Energy’ To Your Life

Here’s what’s been new for me lately — I’ve joined a yoga studio and have started taking classes.  With other people.  It means I’m no longer doing my DVD’s at home by myself.  This is huge for me.  There were various reasons why I hadn’t joined before — time, money, location, other events that were […]