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Intimacy With A Piano

Me at age 16 I started playing the piano again this week.  My mother-in-law is graciously selling me hers, in order to make more room in her house, so in anticipation of it coming, I’ve been warming up by tinkering around on my electric keyboard. Aaaand it’s very clear that I’m hopelessly out of practice.  […]

Marriage Maintenance

There’s a trend that I’m seeing in my practice that is worthy of, if not in need of further exploration:  people becoming disenchanted with their marriages, feeling stuck, wanting out, but trapped by the guilt of hurting the spouse, disrupting the family unit for their children (if there are any), facing the financial uncertainty, dealing […]

Adding ‘People-Energy’ To Your Life

Here’s what’s been new for me lately — I’ve joined a yoga studio and have started taking classes.  With other people.  It means I’m no longer doing my DVD’s at home by myself.  This is huge for me.  There were various reasons why I hadn’t joined before — time, money, location, other events that were […]

Quest For The True Self

I’ve been reading a book called Yoga and the Quest For The True Self, by Stephen Cope, and he talks about this mad, frantic effort to maintain this persona that we’ve developed in our mind — this “False Self” — that he says is initially borne of our adaptation to our parents’ or other caregivers’ […]

Tracing It Back to the Roots

I registered to be on the Psychology Today directory yesterday, wanting to solicit more clients for my practice, which has seemed to be dwindling (for all the office’s therapists) over the past few months.  In my profile, I was asked to provide a “personal statement”, which I found to be somewhat challenging.  How does a […]

Recalibrating Your Barometer

I’ve always been pretty good at thinking of good analogies to explain some kind of psychological concept, and I came up with this one a couple weeks ago.  I was talking with my husband about his overreaction to minor frustrations, like not being able to find something, or finding out that something is broken.  And […]

Is our satisfaction with our lives correlated with how much advice we allow into our lives?

One way that I can tell that I’m becoming more content with myself and the way I live my life is that I’m flipping through magazines more quickly.  Whether they’re ones that I’ve subscribed to, ones I’ve received as gifts, or ones I find in a waiting room or bookstore, they all want to give […]

Against the Grain

So I’ve had blogging on the brain for these past few days.  I’ll be doing something benign like vacuuming or taking a shower and some idea for a blog will pop into my head.  This morning, for example, I got up with my husband, Tim, at 6:30 and made him lunch and sent him off […]

Getting Started With Anything

For about five years now, I’ve been dreaming of having my own private counseling practice. I could envision the office and how I’d want it set up and decorated.  I also had ideas of what types of clientele and therapy in which I’d want to specialize, as well as various creative methods I’d use to […]