Tanya Younce, M.Ed., LPCC


Anxiety & Depression


Do you get anxious in many different situations? Are you a chronic worrier or mind-racer — unable to “turn off your brain?”

Were you raised by people who consistently told you to “Be careful,” making you feel afraid of the world and believing that you couldn’t handle it?

Are you experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks that keep you from functioning in one or more areas of your life?


Are you unable to get excited or happy about anything?

Have you become trapped in behaviors that help you escape, like drinking too much, sleeping a lot, or spending most of your time alone?

Do you feel isolated, like no one understands or cares?

First let me tell you – there is HOPE. Anxiety and Depression can become a LOT more manageable, if you learn how to take more charge of your emotions and not let them take charge of YOU. You’ve already taken the first step by coming here!

If you’re taking medication for your Anxiety or Depression, counseling is an excellent addition to your treatment. Medication helps give you the emotional stability to practice the new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you will learn in therapy. But if you’re someone who’d rather avoid medication, counseling can help you learn better ways to calm yourself, understand the obstacles that keep showing up, and get your wants and needs met. Either way, counseling is about building new and stronger “muscles” to stop the grip that Anxiety and/or Depression have on your life.