Tanya Younce, M.Ed., LPCC


An Open Letter to Men


Be careful when you tell your girlfriends or wives that you feel like the luckiest guy on earth to have her in your life, because there will be an implied message to her that you will earn that honor.  You will likely put her on a pedestal (as you should) but not so high that you can’t connect with her.  If you truly DO feel lucky that she has chosen YOU, and you want her to stick around for the long run, then be sure to attend to two things:

1.  Treat her like you would treat any valuable possession (not that she’s your possession, but this is to make a point, here).  If you had a Les Paul guitar, or a set of Magico M5 speakers, or a slick BMW M6 car, you wouldn’t think to neglect them.  No, you’d know enough about these treasures to know HOW to take good care of them.  This is what a woman needs, too — to feel like the most precious thing in your life that you know just how to treat and care for.  So take time to ask her what she likes, what makes her happy or relaxed, what turns her on, what makes her feel loved, and be attentive to what situations make her thrive.

2.  Be a man who deserves her, by also taking good care of yourself.  Be a man she would be proud of — whatever that might look like to her.  Work out and eat right, so you stay fit and active.  Take a shower each day, brush your teeth, and smell good.  Care about the way you look, because you want to look good by her side!  Also, keep yourself educated — on ANYTHING!  Be passionate about at least 3 things and develop those interests!  Have a good friend or group of friends who nurtures you (she can’t be your only source of socialization and support).  Be damn good at your job — whatever it is — because she needs to see that you’re a hard worker and can take control when needed.  And have some ambition to climb ladders when they present themselves, so she sees that you value growth and personal development.  

It’s all part of taking care of YOU and developing a strong sense of who you are, what you value, and what makes you deserving of this amazing, beautiful, intelligent, sexy, funny, and comforting woman in your life!

Pay attention and take care.  If you can do these 2 main things, she will appreciate and be in utter awe of you, and will never let you go!

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