Tanya Younce, M.Ed., LPCC


New Leaf Counseling & Coaching

New Leaf Counseling & Coaching

When you’re looking for a therapist to help you work through a very difficult time, or a coach to motivate and organize you to achieve your personal goals, you want someone who instantly makes you feel comfortable and unconditionally accepted. You want a professional who is well-educated and experienced, and who also has the ability to connect and partner with you to make necessary changes. I know it can be difficult to ask for help when you’re hurting and lost, but I pride myself on making counseling and coaching experiences positive ones.  I will help you to better understand yourself, teach you how to heal your emotional wounds, and empower you to resolve conflict and live a more enjoyable life.


– Insight, Healing, and Renewal

I believe that the problems with which people come into counseling are much like branches on a tree.  Through a strong and therapeutic relationship, we will trace those branches to the “trunk,” which will improve your Insight about why you do, say, or believe what you do. Then we’ll address the core conflicts that brought you to where you are, which will provide Healing.  We’ll then work on Renewal, designing healthier beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that will ultimately grow healthier branches and new “leaves” in your life.

Please take a moment to explore my areas of expertise, read some testimonials, and then feel free to call me with additional questions.  I’d be happy to set up a FREE 20-minute phone consultation, so you can judge for yourself if we’d be a good fit. Or, you can go ahead and schedule an appointment HERE.

West Chester, Maineville, Deerfield Township, Liberty Township, Turtle Creek, & Morrow.